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Unified Discovery

By Duke Advisory Group

Over the past 15 years in eDiscovery we continue to see the challenges in eDiscovery. Errors in processing, setting up review, missed deadlines, production delays and failures. the root cause to these issues  is the lack of a unified workflow between the corporation, law firm and service provider.


Unified Discovery by Duke Advisory establishes the workflow aligning all aspects of eDiscovery for attorneys' paralegals and service provider. We bring it all together  so you can effectively manage each and every discovery project in a consistent, repeatable manner, saving you 50% or more on your discovery spend!


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Unified Discovery 


        Litigation Readiness - Gap analysis on litigation readiness preparedness

        eDiscovery Playbook - An EDRM inspired standardized workflow across every matter

        Use DAGForms for custodian interviews, collections, prep for meet and confer and more

        eDiscovery Software choose from Reveal Data, Relativity or RelativityOne

        Forensic collections from onsite to remote, desktop to mobile and social media

        Leverage single platform for processing, ECA, review and productions

Discover the Unified Discovery difference

Predictable outcomes across every eDiscovery project 

Significant savings on eDiscovery spend

Consistent and reliable workflow

Better prepared for meet and confer