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You are paying too much for eDiscovery services

           We have market insight on eDiscovery spend. Based on the current average rates for eDiscovery                 services. We believe most are overpaying.

           Our foundation is based on delivering client value across every project. We deliver quality services,             on time, and on budget at a fair market price.


           Duke Advisory offers three eDiscovery platforms which we believe deliver great client value.


Relativity is the market leader and is widely used across the globe. Their integrated workflows including ECA with powerful analytics, continuous active learning, and customized workflows empower attorneys to effectively get responsive documents fast. 

Our Relativity instance provides a fast, scalable experience for our clients. We maintain the most recent software revisions ensuring our clients enjoy the best Relativity experience. Unlike other providers who are using older, slower versions.

Flexibility? You want control of your Relativity project, permission is granted! We offer our clients full administrative control of their Relativity projects or we can provide all of the Relativity support.

Our Unified Discovery workflows leverage all of the power from Relativity to ensure we can reduce as much data as possible prior to loading into Relativity review.

  • Relativity ECA

  • Matter Analytics is included in every project. Plus you have a choice of industry-leading analytics solutions including NexLP, Brainspace, or Relativity Analytics

  • User license fees apply

  • Productions cost are based on hourly rates

  • Project management fees apply

  • Available by project or subscription

The simplest and most cost-effective eDiscovery application on the market

RuleOne is an eDiscovery platform that levels the playing field for every lawyer. If a user knows how to drag and drop a file, then they can process, search, review, and produce eDiscovery. Our clients love it.

No technical expertise or third-party plugins needed. RuleOne leverages a highly secure AWS environment, compatible with MacOS, Windows, and most modern web browsers.




Data is automatically copied, processed, and promoted to ECA. Drag and drop files from the cloud, email, and documents. Most file types are supported.



If you can Google, you can find documents with RuleOne's advanced search and highlighting features.



RuleOne's productions are a SNAP. R1 Wizard walks you through the process while offering multiple production formats and stamps.

RelativityOne offers several unique features not found in Relativity

The new user interface is outstanding! Have you heard "not all Relativity instances are created the same"? That is a fact. Our 2019 survey found that over 80% of vended Relativity instances current version were behind an average of 18 months.

  • Relativity was designed to optimize the cloud based in Microsoft Azure

  • The most up to date user experience not found in any other Relativity versions

  • Integration with Office 365

  • Relativity Analytics available for all projects

  • User license fees apply

  • Productions cost are based on hourly rates

  • Project management fees apply

  • Available by project or subscription

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