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What Is a Fair Price to Pay for eDiscovery?

The cost of E-discovery can vary significantly depending on a case's specific needs and the ESI's complexity. Some factors that can impact the cost of e-discovery include:

  • The volume of ESI: The more data that needs to be reviewed, the more time and resources will be required, which can increase the cost.

  • The complexity of the ESI: Different formats of ESI, such as email, documents, and social media posts, may require different tools and processes to collect, review and produce. If the ESI is highly complex, it may be more expensive to process and review.

  • The number of parties involved: E-discovery can be more expensive if multiple parties are involved in the legal case. It may require more time and resources to coordinate and communicate with all parties.

Overall, it can be challenging to determine a fair price for e-discovery without knowing more about the case’s specific needs. It is generally a good idea to retain industry consulting when seeking estimates and to carefully evaluate the required services and pricing before making a decision. Several of our clients have saved over 50% over the competition. Learn how you can save on your next eDiscovery project at


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