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David Weber joins Duke Advisory

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

David Weber, Principal and Managing Director, Digital Forensics & Consulting

David brings over 20 years of expert eDiscovery/Digital Forensics consulting experience to our firm. In addition, David has practiced law for over 25 years specializing in complex civil litigation, white-collar criminal defense and labor and employment matters. David has served as Discovery Practices Counsel for a national electronic discovery company and as a Director of Discovery Services for a national litigation consulting firm. David possesses extensive experience in investigating complex litigation matters, creating discovery strategies for clients involved in large scale discovery—including drafting of discovery requests specific to eDiscovery, preparing affidavits and declaration and walking clients through the data analytics process. Frequently, corporate clients require solutions/counseling related to the privacy and security of their confidential, electronically stored information (ESI)—specifically, when they harvest client/personal information. Pressures can come from impending litigation, industry-related compliance requirements and governmental privacy laws like the EU GDPR and the newly enacted California Consumer Privacy Act. Areas where his experience can assist in building client ESI solutions include: Data Preservation-related to impending litigation


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