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Duke Advisory Group delivers on timeliness, quality and cost. 

Unified Discovery workflow brings it all together

RuleOne, Relativity and Relativity One

 We deliver a winning strategy

Unified Discovery by Duke Advisory Group establishes the standards, workflow, training and leading cloud technologies to deliver consistent, reliable and expected results from every eDiscovery project.

Unified Discovery
a better way of eDiscovery

Choice of Relativity or Reveal Data at the same low price. At Duke Advisory, you never pay for analytics, its included on every project

eDiscovery Services
Quality, on-time, Fair market rate 

An EDRM inspired workflow for attorneys, paralegals and supporting staff 

  • Higher quality eDiscovery response

  • More control of the process

  • Consistency across all projects

  • Reduce cost as much as 50%

eDiscovery Consulting
Optimizing your eDiscovery workflow

Remote collections are a great option during the Covid-19 

Manage review of Cell phone data easily with ESI Analyst

Forensics & Collections
Leveraging best tools for lower cost