Duke Advisory Group is  unique from other eDiscovery firms servicing the legal services community.  We combine best practices, workflows, leading technologies, and cost reduction strategies which enable our clients to achieve increased, measurable results. 
Greg W. Duke
President & CEO
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Since entering the eDiscovery marketplace in 2005, Greg has lead sales, marketing, client service and consulting teams delivering progressive solutions across their eDiscovery and compliance needs. The technology innovation has rapidly evolved over the past 15 years requiring more complex skill set and workflows to effectively manage eDiscovery requirements. Greg has helped his clients address and resolve e-discovery challenges head-on by aligning people, workflows, and technology to deliver client value.


Greg has worked on a diverse portfolio of matters that includes the following:

  • Handled a multibillion-dollar product liability case for a pharmaceutical firm in which more than 30 terabytes of ESI.

  • Managed an HSR Second Request for the merger of two telecommunication firms consisting of over 2.5 terabytes of ESI

  • Consulted with multiple corporations and law firms associated with the MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether) groundwater contamination lawsuits

  • Established a consistent discovery response plan across multiple law firms and corporations in several multidistrict litigation matters

  •  Collected, processed, reviewed, and produced responsive data relating to Alaska north slope oil spill

Andy Trabilsy
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Andy has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and sales leader in the areas of enterprise software, technology and professional services for the e-discovery, data hosting and information governance markets.


He has created partner programs and developed sales teams for several companies, including CA, Fios, StoredIQ (IBM), and Catalyst Repository Systems. Andy excels at providing sales enablement and optimization solutions using proven methods, processes and measurements to achieve financial and business objectives.

Andy has an MBA in finance and an MA in international business from the University of Texas at Dallas, Jindal School of Management. He also holds a bachelor's degree in technology from Purdue University.