In 2017 the annual expenditure for training was $1,075 per learner. Sales training is an investment in your sales team. Their productivity goes up and they close more business at a higher win rate.

Over 60% of sales professionals have little or no formal sales training.

Sales training is the cornerstone to the development of your sales team. With training they learn how to prepare for client meetings, manage a complex sales cycle, ask the right questions, how to handle objections and many other benefits. Without it you hope they can adequately manage through their sales cycle successfully.

Duke Advisory Group specializes in preparing your sales team to effectively manage their sales cycle and interactions with their clients We offer a full range of training programs to support your sales team's development.

Referral Based Selling program provides a super charged, methodical approach to gaining more referrals. This program is delivered on-site with a structured reinforcement sessions via remote video conferencing and sales team accountability to meet specific number of referrals. This program will elevate the sales results of your team driving over 300% increase in yoy net new client sales 

Duke Advisory Group Lean Consultative Selling (LCS) program was developed specifically for the eDiscovery marketplace. It's base from 28 years of consultative selling experience along with numerous consultative training courses. Many other training programs are rich with content but impossible to manage in the legal services industry.  The LCS methodology provides everything your need to manage every opportunity an win more business.

Prospecting and Follow up - Program designed to help your sales team be more effective in their prospecting calls


We have several other sales training programs that can be tailored to meet the training needs of your organization