Sales Strategy Consulting

There are so many options for clients in selecting an eDiscovery provider. The top tier providers all have similar capabilities and limited differentiation.Clients today expect price, quality, best people, expertise, security and fast turn around.

eDiscovery is a mature industry. From a competitive perspective this market is in a "replacement strategy", meaning clients, whether law firms or corporations are unhappy with their current provider and looking for alternatives.


Clients are looking for better solutions. Enterprise data continues to be a thorn in the discovery process along with retention policies & legal hold  management.


Clients are looking for cloud solutions to gain more automation throughout the discovery process More solutions are available to extend into the enterprise data. Solving a significant challenge companies are struggling with today. 

So what is your differientiator?

How well are are you positioned to take on the growing needs of the market?

An Integrated Sales Strategy encompasses all of these facets:
  1. Sales Strategy
  2. Market segmentation
  3. Pursuit  Strategy
  4. ABM mapped to pursuit
  5. Lead development
  6. Inside sales
  7. Effective CRM with KPI's
  8. Recruiting & on-boarding
  9. Sales Operations
  10. Sales training
  11. Solution diversification 

The eDiscovery services market is growing at 10% annually. There is a shift in client need, position for success or miss serving the client need and your share of market growth.

With the market growing at 10% annually, there are select number of  providers driving revenue growth in the  "hyper-growth" range of 16%+ year over year. 

Let us help you develop hyper-growth strategies.

Our Services

  • Wallet share - retain current clients by adding new service lines to support their broader needs 

  • Net New Client acquisition strategies

  • Market segmentation and pursuit strategies through effective  ABM strategies

  • Build differentiation through client value

  • New product/solution development - align to client need/opportunity

  • Customer satisfaction surveys - Learn from your clients