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Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Happy employees = happy customers


I recently saw a post about Buc-ee's on LinkedIn. It hit home for me. Company culture is quintessential for long term success. Without it, you churn through employees and service levels will decline. Mediocrity becomes the norm.

Buc-ee’s is a growing institution in Texas. They are privately owned chain of large format travel centers throughout Texas and now expanding to other states. Their Super Travel Centers have 80 to 120 gas pumps along with their largest store covering 65,000 SQFT.

Each store has an extensive selection of food and specialty items. In my experiences,

Buc-ee’s lives up to my expectations with easy on/off access from highway, cheap gas, clean amenities and then back on the highway. However, during my stops at Buc-ee’s I will spend 30 minutes or more getting gas, buying food and checking out their specialty items. I even purchased a cowboy hat on one of my many trips to Texas A&M.

This place is a more than a highway "gas and go" store, it’s a destination for families who are traveling through Texas.

At Buc-ee’s you can expect the same level of service across all of their locations; cheap gas with no lines, cleanest restrooms, BBQ sandwich or even a BBQ smoker on sale. However, the real difference is the staff that takes care of the store and the patrons. They are nice, helpful and grateful for your business. It's not something you can come to expect from a highway gas station.

Buc-ee’s has a 5% employee turnover rate, which is unheard of for retail stores. They believe and deliver on the ideal that the people make the difference.

Buc-ee’s gets it right - An aligned corporate vision and mission delivering client value through their amenities and by their employees.

So many times I’ve witness and participated in corporate vision and mission strategy sessions with the end result of a perfectly worded and finely tuned message. Yet it doesn’t transcend across the employees. A wasted opportunity to align company values with the employees who are the face of the company.

Employee's take pride in their work

Company culture is not derived from corporate messaging. It is created through the practice of employee contribution and the recognition of their efforts through equitable rewards.

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