Lead Generation & Inside Sales

Lead Generation – Plan, develop and execute activities aimed at creating leads to be passed on to sales team for follow-up contact

  • Content – Develop content strategy to generate market awareness and inbound activity (ie. Website traffic)

  • Targets – Identify target groups of potential clients by industry, function, title, etc., and design strategies and messaging that is tailored to their interests and needs

  • Events – Develop events calendar, both to attend or host, that bring you in contact with prospects

  • Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) – Define parameters for MQLs to track efficacy of lead generation program and SQL conversion rates


Inside Sales – Provides support and/ or additional resources to augment inside sales activities to advance and qualify leads and new opportunities

  • Campaigns – Create and execute sales campaigns (nurture, drip, blasts) intended to build interest in prospects and lead to introductory meetings

  • Communication Planning and Sales Pitch Creation – Aligning messaging across marketing and sales assets, and providing a script for inside sales that is consistent, concise and effective

  • Appointment/ Meeting Scheduling – Using lead generated MQLs and other source lists (ie. event attendees) to contact prospects to set initial calls and meetings

  • Event/ New Offering Awareness (Outbound Calling) – Using inside sales to drive event attendance or special offering awareness

  • Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) – Define parameters for SQLs to track efficacy of inside sales  program and won deal conversion rates