Law Firm & Corporation Consulting Services

Duke Advisory help clients optimize areas of their legal operations to improve efficiency across workflows and cloud technology integration.


DAG eDiscovery Playbook. The DAG ePlaybook is instrumental in training and practical process management for  attorneys, paralegals.


 Our clients recognize significant improvement managing the complexities of Discovery.


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 Litigation Readiness Assessment "LRA" evaluates current eDiscovery practices and recommendations on improving processes  using a gap analysis inspired by EDRM best practices.

  • Evaluates your current state of eDiscovery preparedness

  • Recommendations on improving eDiscovery processes based on client’s interest/need

  • Can be completed in a matter of a few days


eDiscovery Playbook including forms management

  • Establish an effective eDiscovery process with DAG's eDiscovery Playbook that includes:

    • Workflow Diagram

    • Checklist

    • Standards and principles manual

    • Forms Library of 40+ forms ready to use to support the discovery process

    • Onsite and Web hosted training

Our clients recognize these benefits

Improved workflows across Discovery

Reduce eDiscovery cost by over 50%

Better quality of service with less errors

Meet deadline

Vendor Management Services

RFI/RFP management

Vendor Management Services RFI/RFP Management


Technology selection  DAG has a career of experience managing RFP's. We know the in's and outs of vendor pricing. Our process is  based on 6 main criteria to measure vendor responses. We stack rank by line item prices as well as test the pricing models through scenarios  evaluates pricing fluctuations based on certain project types.


We manage the RFP process on behalf of our clients for either a Master Services Agreement, OnDemand or Managed eDiscovery services for Law Firms and Corporations.

  • Establish an RFP which meets the needs of your organization

  • Distribute RFP across a broad mix of eDiscovery providers

  • Rank all  responses utilizing DAG’s proprietary scoring algorithm which includes 6 key metrics: data security policies, experience, qualifications, ethics, diversity and pricing.

  • Detailed analysis of pricing  by line item and testing practical use across 5 different types of scenarios.

  • Comprehensive analysis ranking all vendors, identifying top 3 for client presentations

  • Coordinate Vendor presentations 

  • Help our client with key considerations through the contract phase. 

  • Manage the final client presentations

  • Coordinate roll out of new eDiscovery provider